China Sialon Silicon Nitride Heater Tube for protection immersion heater

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Henan, China (Mainland)
Ceramic Tubes
Alumina Ceramic
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STA Sialon silicon nitride heater tube for Aluminum Holding Furnace (Immersion Tube)

Sialon silicon nitride heater tube is made by unique high density Silicon Nitride possessing superior durability.
Various kinds of Vertical Type, Horizontal Type and Pencil Type (small diameter) are provided to meet variety of application. 


Sialon silicon nitride heater tube is used as basic material.

(1) High strength : High bending strength of 780MPa without deterioration up to 800deg. C.

(2) High density : High dense material with porous ratio of less than 0.3%
(3) High toughness
 : The highest fracture toughness(KIC) of 7.2MPa x m1/2 among ceramic materials
(4) High performance
 : Almost no erosion in molten aluminum and low wettability

Variety of type

(A) Vertical type : Two kinds of Metal Flange Type and One Body Ceramic Type
are prepared
(B) Horizontal type
 : Tapered end by one piece forming is provided on demand
(C) Pencil type
 : Small diameter of 28 and 30mm are provided
All types Sialon silicon nitride heater immersion tube can be applied to tubes equipped with heater.

Wide range of dimension

(Maximum dimension) Inner diameter 350mm , Length 1300mm
(Current available dimension) Others are available upon request
Thickness : Standard wall thickness is 10mm


Silicon nitride ceramic material with high thermal stability ,antioxidant ability,and product size excellent performance. Reaction bonded silicon nitride is made by direct nitridation of a compacted silicon powder, and because of the difficulty of ensuring complete reaction; it is hard to achieve a high component density. Usual densities are in the range 2.3 – 2.5g/cm3 compared with 3.29g/cm3 for gas pressured sintered silicon nitride. The higher density gives the HPSN, SSN & GPS-SSN materials better physical properties and means they are used in more demanding applications at very high temperature, especially for non-ferrous molten metal handling and thermocouple sheaths. The nitridation produces only a small volume change, which means that RBSN components do not need to be machined after fabrication and complex near net shapes can be produced in a single process stage.Key PropertiesApplications exploit the following properties of silicon nitridelow densityhigh temperature strengthsuperior thermal shock resistanceexcellent wear resistancegood fracture toughnessmechanical fatigue and creep resistanceExcellent non-wetting property with good oxidation resistance




Density (

3.28 3.30 3.23 2.5

Young’s Modulus (GPa)

285 320 315 189

Bend Strength (MPa)

675 750 850 440

Fracture Toughness K1c (MPa.m0.5)

6 7 8 2.5

Hardness (GPa)

16 16 16 7.2

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (x 10-6/°C)

3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2

Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)

25 30 30 14

Maximum Temperature (°C) for applicationDielectric ConstantAbrasive Wear resistance Parameter

1150 1150 1150 11009 9 9 7.51110 1130 1120 360